Sunday, May 9, 2010


Hi, entrecard drops lovers!

We got good news for you. Here is an automatic script to generate drop-buttons for you!
Try it now! Download it here. (update: 14.07.2010: the program was downloaded 275 times.)

No installation required.
Just rename the program to ec_prog.exe (remove "_" at the end of exe-extention) run it and follow the instructions.

Here are the screenshots.

Recenlty I got many questions about it. Now, I'd like to point out that the program DOES NOT NEED YOUR PASSWORD and you do not have to be affraid that someonce is trying to steal it. All you can see is real browser windows just like your Internet Explorer or any other. If you do not belive me, click on yellow BROWSE button of Entrecard site, then go to any site you like clicking any links you like. You will see that it is not a fake window, but a real browser window and all the sites you visit are real as well.

This program is NOT a autoclicker, it is NOT a Entrecard credits generator. It is a drop-button generator that you have to click yourseft. We are planning to bulit in an autoclicker function, but not now.